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LGBT+ Coming Out Counselling in Perth

Coming out is the deeply personal process of making your sexual orientation or gender identity known to others. While it can be a liberating experience for some, it can also be challenging and overwhelming for others due to the potential for rejection, judgement, or misunderstanding from friends, family, and colleagues. If you feel worried, overwhelmed or ashamed about coming out, LGBT counselling can provide a safe and supportive space to talk through and explore your options. As an experienced LGBT therapist, my aim is to guide and support you in finding solutions to your struggles that will assist you in living a happy, authentic and fulfilled life.


What are the benefits of coming out?

  • Living an open and honest life can bring greater happiness and fulfilment.

  • Being accepted and loved for who you truly are can boost your self-esteem.

  • Coming out allows for developing more genuine and meaningful connections with others.

  • No longer having to hide your true identity can alleviate the stress and burden of secrecy.

  • Coming out can provide opportunities to connect with other LGBT+ individuals and find support within the community.

  • By embracing your identity, you may inspire and pave the way for younger LGBT+ individuals.


While coming out can have many positive outcomes, it's important to acknowledge that there can be challenges along the way:


What are the risks of coming out?

  • Some individuals may struggle to understand or accept your sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Family, friends, or colleagues may react with shock, confusion, or even hostility.

  • Some relationships may undergo significant changes as a result of coming out.

  • Sadly, there is a risk of experiencing harassment or discrimination due to societal biases and prejudices.

  • In some instances, adolescents may face the risk of being asked to leave home or losing financial support from their parents.


Things to consider before coming out to others?

  • Ensure that you feel reasonably confident and comfortable with your sexual or gender orientation. Seeking support from a counsellor can be beneficial in this process.

  • Try not to put pressure on yourself to come out before you are ready. Remember that it is your decision whom to confide in, when and how to do it. You may also decide it's neither necessary nor wise to come out.

  • Timing can be crucial. Consider the mood, priorities, stresses, and problems of the individuals you plan to confide in.

  • Equip yourself with knowledge about LGBT issues so that you can address any questions or concerns that may arise.

  • Avoid coming out during an argument or tense situation. Find a calm and appropriate time to have these conversations.

  • Be mindful that some people may initially react negatively to what you've told them. Try to be patient and not respond defensively or angrily, as acceptance may be a gradual process.


The LGBT+ Coming Out Journey

Coming out is not a single event but an ongoing journey that unfolds over time. It typically involves three broad stages:

Opening Up to Yourself:

This period is a process by which one accepts one's own sexual or gender identity.

Coming Out:

This period involves disclosure for the first time to a carefully selected few family and friends.

Living Openly:

This ongoing phase involves disclosure, when it feels appropriate, to a broader circle of friends, family, work colleagues and new people that come into your life.


It's important to remember that the journey from "Opening Up to Yourself" to "Living Openly" is ongoing and unfolds at your own pace. Seeking guidance and support from an LGBT psychologist can provide valuable assistance and support throughout this journey.

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LGBT+ Counselling & Support in Perth

How might LGBT counselling be beneficial? Coming out is to make an intensely personal decision to recognise, accept, express and share one's sexuality or gender identity with oneself and others. For some, coming out is a fairly straightforward process, while for others, it is a long and painful experience. If you are currently questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity, as an experienced LGBT therapist, I offer a warm, non-judgemental space to discuss your concerns and explore your options.

Risks of Coming Out
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