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Perth Counselling Services for Mental Health Issues

I've written the following articles about various mental health topics for which I provide counselling services. Learn more about these conditions and how they may be impacting your thinking, feelings, mood and behaviour. They also include treatment options and practical strategies to overcome these challenging issues.

William Macaulay

Mental Health Therapist
Perth, Western Australia

AOD Counselling

Understanding AOD dependence.

Overcoming AOD dependence.

Family members and

significant others.

Drug & Alcohol Counselling Perth.

AOD Counselling
Anger Management.jpg

Understanding anger.

Healthy versus unhealthy anger.

Strategies to manage and

address the causes of anger.

Anger Management Perth.

Anger Management.jpg
Anxiety Counselling.jpg

Anxiety therapy Perth.

Anxiety treatment options.

What is anxiety?

What are the symptoms & causes?

Common anxiety disorders.

Anxiety Counselling.jpg
Pillow and Blanket on Couch

Understanding depression.

Symptoms and causes.

Strategies to identify, manage and

address the causes of depression.

Depression Counselling Perth.

Pillow and Blanket on Couch
Panic Attack Counselling

Understanding panic attacks.

Strategies to obtain relief from

and manage panic attacks.

Symptoms & causes of panic attacks.

Perth Counselling & Support.

Panic Attack Counselling
Perfectionism Counselling

Impact on health and wellbeing.

Perfectionistic behaviours.


Techniques to challenge. 

Counselling & Support in Perth.

Perfectionism Counselling
stones isolated on water.jpg

What is self-esteem?

Why is it important?

Healthy vs unhealthy self-esteem.

Causes of low self-esteem. 

Counselling & Support.

stones isolated on water.jpg
Stress Management Counselling

Understanding stress.

Poorly managed stress.

Strategies to identify, manage and address the causes of stress.

Stress Management Perth.

Stress Management Counselling
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